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Policy on Group Tours for Gardens

Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Garden ~ Asticou Azalea Garden ~ Thuya Garden & Lodge


The Land & Garden Preserve welcomes tour groups of individuals who are garden enthusiasts and avid gardeners.  Due to the rising demand for group tours, the gardens of the Preserve will only accommodate tours specifically designed for visitors with a focus on horticulture and cultural landscapes.


Because all the gardens are fragile with limited parking, the Preserve does not have the ability to accommodate a large number of tours. Tours are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. We ask tour organizers to comply with the following policies:


1) Make all tour reservations in advance through the Preserve office indicating the purpose and audience for the tour and whether a garden guide is desired.


2) Due to the narrowness of the paths and the size of gathering areas, we request that each guided group be no larger than 15 individuals.  For tours larger than 15, our staff will help devise a plan for dividing into smaller groups.


3) Be prepared for the group leader to pay a fee of $5 per person at the Asticou and Thuya Gardens and $15 per person at the Abby Garden.  The fee is consistent whether or not there is a personal guide.  A reduced fee may be negotiated with the office for seniors (over 65 years), student groups, and other educational organizations.


4) Tour organizers should be aware that pets and food are not allowed in the gardens.  If special access such as a wheelchair is required, let us know in advance so that we can advise the leader on accommodations.


5) Thuya Drive leads up the hill to Thuya Garden and Lodge and is a narrow, one-lane road.  It cannot accommodate buses.  Tour groups must arrange for smaller vans to transport people to the top of Thuya Drive.


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