Policy for the Use of Photographs and Images

The Mount Desert Land & Garden Preserve (“the Preserve”) welcomes the taking of photographs and making of other images of the gardens and landscapes by our visitors for their own personal use and enjoyment. This policy is to protect the interests of the Preserve when it is represented in a photograph or other image accessible to the public and to reserve rights of reproduction for the Preserve or its designee.

General Guidelines:


All photographs and other images taken by our visitors must be for their own personal use and enjoyment. Any use, reuse or reproduction by any means for commercial use is at the discretion of the Preserve and may only occur with the express written consent of the Preserve. All requests for use of images for commercial purposes will be considered on a case-by-case basis upon submission of an application. These guidelines will be posted on the Preserve website and in a prominent place on Preserve lands and at the gardens.

Criteria for Commercial Use of Photos and Images:


  1. All requests for permission to use an image must include a copy of the image to be used.

  2. Generally permission will be given for images to be used for educational purposes, such as in books, slide shows, lectures, institutional web sites, magazines and journals, educational video productions, or other learning environments.

  3. Generally permission will be denied for use of images on cards, postcards, calendars, articles of clothing, posters, or other items to be sold to the public by entities other than the Preserve or its designee. 

  4. Permission for commercial use of photographs will be granted only when the purpose of the use is in alignment with the mission of the Preserve.

  5. Generally permission will not be given for commercial photo shoots, such as clothing catalogs and other advertising media. 

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