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People of the Preserve

The Preserve’s greatest assets: our board of trustees, staff, and volunteers. The people of the Preserve are committed to a culture of respect and care for the lands and gardens, and for each other. Their mindful attention to forward-thinking conservation, preservation, and horticultural practices is remarkable. Their common passion for protecting and sharing the beauty of the Preserve is perceptible in every garden bed and hiking trail. 

Staff of The Preserve


Codie Abbot, Equipment Operator

Maggie Andros, Finance & Administrative Coordinator

Jason Ashur, Landscape Specialist

Cassie Banning, Director of Farm & Gardens

Jenn Bridgers, Administrative Coordinator

Grace Brown, Lead Gardener - Asticou & Plant Recorder

Tate Bushell, Director of Natural Lands

Dianne Clendaniel, Development & Communications Coordinator

Erin Dilworth, Abby Garden Manager

Wendy Dolliver, Head Gardener - Thuya Garden

Rodney Eason, CEO

Nicole Gurreri, Gardener - Abby Garden

Margaret Handville, Woodland Gardener - Thuya Garden

Jesse Hartson, Director of Facilities

Ed Hawes, Land Steward
Santos Henggeler, Gardener - Asticou Azalea Garden

Cathy Jewitt, Docent - Thuya Lodge

Ethan Klein, Custodian Facilities Tradesperson

Rick LeDuc, Thuya Garden Manager

Megan Libby, Plant Nursery Assistant - McAlpin Farm

Jonathan Miller, Gardener - Abby Garden

Dave Ouellette, Lead Land Steward

Cynthia Robbins, Gardener - Asticou Azalea Garden

Mary Roper, Asticou Azalea Garden Manager

Brenna Sellars, Assistant Grower - McAlpin Farm

Chris Stevenson, Director of Finance & Administration 

Kathryn Strand, Director of Development & Communications

Linda Thayer, Lead Greeter

Joie Torsiello, Benefits & Human Resources Coordinator

Larry Tozier, Equipment Operator

Bret Welch, Facilities Tradesperson

Board of Directors


Kate Macko, Chair 

Eileen Growald, Vice Chair

Will Thorndike, Treasurer 

Alan Baldwin

Kate Baxter

Allison Bourke 

James Clark, Jr     

Jan Coates

Amy Falls

Andrea Gilmore

Neva Goodwin

Neil Houghton

Martha Jackson

Ann Judd

Lauren Kogod

Eric Lindquist

Story Litchfield

David MacDonald

Sam McGee

C.W. Eliot Paine

Vassar Pierce

Camilla Rockefeller

Susan Rockefeller

Jim Sligar

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