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Little Long Pond Natural Lands

Hiking trails and carriage roads are open all year round from dawn until dusk. 

A special place at the Preserve, Little Long Pond is a beloved meeting place and a beautiful, tranquil spot for many on Mount Desert Island and beyond who come to hike the trails and discover the fascinating living things that make their home here. The generations of environmental stewardship have allowed the pond and the surrounding lands to thrive. It truly is a place of conservation of the environment, history, and tradition.


Little Long Pond includes 17 acres of meadows, 12 acres of marsh, a bog, crystal clear streams, and nearly 1,000 acres of forest.  On a one-hour walk a visitor can potentially hear the croak of a frog, watch an osprey fish, spot a pileated woodpecker, and take in breathtaking views of surrounding mountains.  


John D. Rockefeller Jr. purchased the land around Little Long Pond for its scenic value. The land was privately owned until 2015 when, in celebration of his 100th birthday, David Rockefeller Sr. donated it to the Land & Garden Preserve. 

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