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Volunteers play important roles at the Preserve. In the gardens and on our natural lands there are many wonderful opportunities to learn, share, and be part of a group of passionate individuals. 

Lands & Trails Volunteer Crew

If you are excited to immerse yourself in nature, take in that fresh coastal air, get your hands dirty, and play a major part helping conservation efforts in an historic land preserve, this is your chance! We are excited to welcome back volunteers for the 2022 season.


Like 2021, volunteers are invited to ‘drop in’ and help on the trail restoration project taking place on the David & Neva Trail and the Jordan Stream Path. The drop in times will be scheduled throughout the spring, summer, and fall and will be emailed to the volunteer list in advance. Volunteers can decide when they want to join the crew on large scale projects that may take several days to complete. For example, we will be re-routing portions of trail along Little Long Pond and may need volunteer assistance all day Monday through Friday on a particular week this June. As a volunteer you may choose your level of commitment and help our team with as much as you are able to in that time period. Many of these projects will vary in length. As always, some scheduling flexibility is required to frame projects around weather and resources.


An email will be sent out to all volunteers a week prior to the project that will lay out the location, scope of project, duration, meeting times, and any other useful information. The Preserve will be expecting that volunteers follow all current Covid-19 protocols as recommended by the State of Maine.


If you have questions or know of someone who would like to join our volunteer email list, please contact or give our main office a call at 207-276-5955.


We are looking forward to seeing you all out on the trails for an amazing 2022 season!


Adopt a Trail

As a volunteer you may “adopt” a section of trail. Perhaps it is a trail that you connect with, or one that you have never been on and are excited to explore. To adopt a Preserve trail means that you will frequent that trail and help maintain its character by keeping the corridor clear of obstacles by trimming back brush and removing trees, identifying and reporting hazards, and documenting any wildlife, plants of interest, and visitor use.


This may be a solo endeavor, or you may team up with fellow volunteers. If there is a trail that interests you specifically, please let us know.


Be a Trail Reporter

Another way to help use your volunteer energy this season is to be our eyes and ears on the trails and carriage roads and report things such as downed trees, damage to structures (bog bridges, etc.) and other pertinent trail observations. Every bit helps.


Please contact the Preserve at 207-276-3727 or if you need assistance locating the trails or want to make a report. Click here to view/download a copy of the Preserve trail map.

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