Land & Garden Preserve’s Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Our Vision:
Cultivating beautiful and essential interconnections

between humanity and the natural world.

The Mission of the Land & Garden Preserve is:
To share the beauty of historic lands and gardens on

Mount Desert Island.

Core Values:

  • Maintain strong connections among our three gardens, the lands, and our communities.

  • Respect the visions of our different founders, within the context of financial and environmental sustainability.

  • Maintain rich history with the tradition of public enjoyment.

  • Promote ecological health of all lands we steward.

  • Commit to having all aspects of the gardening process, as well as the plants chosen, in accord with horticultural excellence and ecologically sound practices.

  • Appreciation for both details and the big picture.

  • Maintain beauty in harmony with the gardens’ surroundings.

  • Inspire others to care for and maintain our precious lands.

  • Foster educational opportunities for staff and visitors.

  • Promote a sense of discovery and wonder.

  • Value beauty, joy, and serenity.

  • Steward our financial resources.

Land & Garden Preserve

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