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How do I join as a member?

  • To join as a new member, please click here to go to our membership page to review benefits of each membership level.  Click on the “join as a member” button at the top of the page to proceed to purchasing a membership.  If you are a new member you will be asked to create an account at checkout with your email and a password of your choice. Download an instruction sheet here on how to set up a Membership Account.

How do I renew my membership?

  • Members looking to renew a membership must first login by using the “membership renewal” button on our membership page, or by clicking here. You will need your member number to renew your membership.  If you have forgotten your member number, please select the “I forgot my member number” link and fill in the appropriate information to display it on the screen. Once you have logged in you will be linked directly to the membership renewal page. When you renew an active membership, it will be extended for one year from the current expiration date. If your membership has lapsed, your expiration date will be one year from your purchase date. Download a renew membership instruction sheet here.

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Each level has different benefits associated with it. Please visit our membership page to see details for each specific membership level.  If you have further questions please contact our office at

May I buy multiple memberships?

  • Each membership is considered dual membership, with benefits applicable to two adults in the same household.  We ask that you only purchase one membership per household.

How do I redeem my Abby Garden passes?

  • Once the ticket sales open online, you can log into your member account and redeem your passes.  The online system will automatically track your pass usage. We will notify you in advance by email when tickets go on sale.

May I give my garden passes to someone who is not a member?

  • You may give your passes to a friend or family member. However, you are only permitted a certain number of passes per year depending on membership level whether you give them away or use them yourself. If your membership level comes with two passes, and you give them away, you must purchase tickets to visit the garden. Please get in contact with us if you decide to allow someone else to use your passes.


Do I need a membership card?

  • The Preserve does not issue membership cards. When you purchase a membership online you have the option to add a member card to your smart phone wallet if you would like to have a secure place to store your member number.

Who should I contact if I have questions about my membership?

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