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A new path at the Abby Garden creates a safe, serene experience

To enhance the guest experience on the Spirit Path at the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Garden, a new spur has been added from the Stele back to the flower garden. The spur path was necessitated by social distancing during the ongoing pandemic but it will help alleviate some congestion on public days as well. Like last year, guests will be directed from the South Gate to walk one-way down the Spirit Path but now they will continue to a new gravel path at the northern axis next to the Stele. The new path leads through a small section of woods to the northwestern border garden gate. Path will be finished with loose gravel to match the other garden paths. This has been a fun in-house project that draws on the expertise of staff from across the Preserve.

Groundskeepers Ethan Klein and Marissa Boynton did all the path excavation. Natural Lands team Tate Bushell and Dave Ouellette cut the granite for the fence posts. Jason Ashur, Lead Groundskeeper at Thuya Garden used his experience setting stone steps at Asticou Terraces to install two new sets of granite steps at both ends of this path. CEO Rodney Eason created the design of a new cedar fence with a decorative ring panel which sits adjacent to the path. Larry Tozier, Preserve Equipment Operator did all the welding work on the fence. Bret Welch, our Facilities Tradesperson has been working with Facilities Director Jesse Hartson on siting and constructing the fence.

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