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Additional Phase I Framework Projects


Asticou Azalea Garden

Improvements in safe arrival, parking, and circulation alongside upgrades to hydrologic infrastructure are recommended for the garden. The existing gardener shed designed by Bob Patterson is retained with minor repairs. The adjacent toolshed is removed to make way for a new structure. The Framework suggests a green approach to three basins that intercept sediment from Route 198, restoring their collection and detention function while blending into the surrounding landscape.  

  • Improve Parking

  • Upgrade Utilities

  • Expand & Upgrade Gardeners' Shed

Thuya Garden

The Framework suggests a plan to enhance guest welcome through a series of pull-offs along Thuya Drive. Power and communications all need to be upgraded.

  • Upgrade Utilities

  • Improve Thuya Drive

  • Create ADA path to public restroom


Natural Lands

Work is planned on the lands around Little Long Pond and Day Mountain to improve the visitor experience, increase safety, and address drainage and erosion issues.  

  • Stabilize West Meadow Bank

  • Improve Day Mountain Trails & Parking

  • Redesign Bracy Cove Parking Area

  • Redesign & rebuild Squirrel Creek Viaduct

  • Design & renovate East Carriage Road Drainage


The Greenrock site will continue its legacy as an important intersection of year-round, daily life and the Preserve’s operational hub. The plan recommends replacing the existing mechanical and carpentry shops with energy-efficient workshops. The Greenrock office farmhouse will be expanded to accommodate the entire administrative staff, with offices for the facilities director, and the natural lands team. 

  • Replace Supporting Workshops

  • Redesign Office Building


Stanley Brook

A maintenance building including utilities will be constructed to house the facilities and natural lands operations while the Greenrock site is under construction. The building will convert to storage for machinery and materials once Greenrock is completed. 

Signage & Wayfinding

The plan recommends standardizing and simplifying the signage and wayfinding system across the Preserve to provide safe and welcoming points of orientation, clear systems explaining the rules and guidelines, and interpretation. Cohesive signage and wayfinding will provide a unified identity while honoring the history and aesthetics of each place.

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