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In case you missed our winter webinars

You can experience the next best thing by watching the webinar recordings, including the Q&As. We love hosting these illuminating forums where you can engage with our talented staff.  

If you have ideas for webinars in 2025, we want to hear them. Please reach out to Dianne Clendaniel

Watch the recordings: 

Trail Building with Ed Hawes – Preserve Land Steward Ed Hawes shared stories and information about building, maintaining, and improving the Preserve’s trail system. He talked about the art, history, and science behind the trails we enjoy. Tate Bushell, Director of Natural Lands, joined Ed for the Q&A. 

Exploring American Japanese gardens with Grace Brown & Santos Henggeler – Gardeners at the Asticou Azalea Garden, Grace and Santos shared photos and their experience of time they spent in Gresham, Oregon, just east of Portland. They talked about visiting local gardens and nurseries, as well as the healing garden at the Oregon State Penitentiary, and the Gresham Japanese Garden.  

Granite, Moss, and Three Gardens of the Coast of Maine with Cassie Banning – Cassie Banning, the Preserve’s Director of Farm & Gardens, shared a brief history of the gardens of the three gardens of the Preserve and gave a behind-the-scenes look at garden maintenance practices and the craft found in these gardens today.   

This webinar is taking place on March 20 at 4 p.m. The recording will be available on our Vimeo page by March 27.

Katherine Emery Photography

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