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A blast from the past

What did the original design of the Abby Garden look like? How was John D. Rockefeller Jr convinced by Charles K. Savage to support the creation of the Asticou Azalea Garden? When was the Boathouse at Little Long Pond built and who designed it? These questions and many more about the history of the Preserve can be answered thanks to a continuing in-house archives project. With the careful oversight of local resident and former Preserve employee Betsy Hewlett along with Preserve Seasonal Land Steward Sahra Gibson, hundreds of documents are being organized and archived. Our collection consists of decades of historical correspondence, photos, recordings, as well as plans for buildings, trails, and planting plans for each of our three gardens, including seed orders. We are looking forward to sharing pieces of this treasure trove in future newsletters.

Above: Seasonal Land Steward Sahra Gibson prepares Abby Garden planting plans for storage.

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