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Essential interconnections with the Preserve  

As we near the end of 2022 and shift into the season of giving and sharing, I would like to reflect on some of the things that I heard you say during the year. There are the numerous conversations about “how beautiful” you found Thuya, or the casually observed “WOW!” at Asticou Azalea when the garden was in full flower. One of my favorites at the Abby Garden is when you point at a flower and excitedly mention to your friend, “You need to come here and look at this plant!”   

Rodney and his children on a hike in the summer of 2022.

As a father of four kids who are now in their late teens/early twenties, I have a soft spot for the young families walking around Little Long Pond. The image of mom and dad walking in front of their child who is trailing behind while dragging a stick, brings back so many memories of our children when they were younger. Inevitably, mom or dad will say, “hurry up” or “come along.” Kids and sticks, it appears, are universal norms when it comes to enjoying the outdoors.

The Preserve’s vision is that we are cultivating beautiful and essential interconnections between humanity and the natural world. From what I saw in 2022, this vision is coming into sharp focus. Your connections to the Preserve are essential as is the support that you give us. If you are a member of the Preserve, thank you! Your generosity allows us to continue to steward these historic lands and gardens for all to enjoy.  

As we segue into a new year, may your 2023 be full of visits to the Preserve where beautiful discoveries of the natural world wait for you.  

Photography by Carrie Eason.

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