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Getting our members ready for the season

Summer is a wonderfully busy time. We know our members fill their days with all that MDI has to offer, including visits to our lands and gardens. Having clear communications from the Preserve about when and how to visit is a priority for us.

In addition to the detailed information on our website, we will be mailing postcards to members during the week of April 11. The postcard, suitable for putting up on your refrigerator, is an at-a-glance calendar of our 2022 garden schedules. The postcard will also be accessible on our website, one click away from the home page.

In addition to the postcard, all members will receive individual emails on April 29, listing member benefits, your member number, instructions for logging in, and how to make reservations at the Abby Garden.

We understand that some members are more comfortable online than others, so we are always available to help by phone at 207-276-3727 or by email at

Photo by John Eldridge

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