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A new roof for Thuya Lodge

The Thuya Lodge roof received some needed attention this fall. It has been nearly 30 years since the Lodge roof was completely re-shingled. Over the years repairs have been made and leaks patched, but much of the roof has endured Maine’s weather without any major upgrades. It was showing signs of age with moss and lichen growth, cracks, and missing shingles, as well as holes in the soffits and fascia created by squirrels and other animals looking for a dry place to make their home.

The new roof has fire resistant western red cedar shingles and new fascia all the way around, with some patches in soffit boards. The roof of the bath house adjacent to the Lodge also had its asphalt shingles replaced with cedar.

The work is going as planned and we hope to finish the project by the end of December. The new roof is a fitting improvement to this beautiful, historic structure.

Jesse Hartson, Director of Facilities

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