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Thanks for watching our webinars

We are grateful for the wonderful turnout to our two winter webinars. Hundreds of you tuned in to hear Tate talk about how the Preserve is managing the natural lands, and for Cassie’s presentation on caring for the mosses in and around our gardens. If you missed either of these webinars, you can view the recordings from the Preserve’s Vimeo page.

Rodney’s webinar, originally scheduled for March 16 was postponed. We will let you know when it is rescheduled.

Given the attendance and great feedback we have received about our webinars, we plan to make these annual offerings. The winter months seem like the best time since Preserve operations are generally slower and our staff are more available. Also, it is fun to talk about gardens and lands when you can’t visit the gardens and our lands are covered in snow.

If you have suggestions for webinars you would like to see, we would love to hear from you. Please email your ideas to

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