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Planning for the next generation at Little Long Pond

You may have noticed the recent reconstruction of the retaining wall at the southern end of Little Long Pond. We also created a small sitting area behind the wall surfaced with pink, crushed granite. Why was this necessary?  

For years, this area has been a favorite swim spot for dogs, but the sheer volume of traffic (many dozen dogs on any given summer day) was causing erosion of the pond bank. Each dog entering and exiting the pond kicks up a paw full of soil that ends up falling into the water. This activity not only clouds the water (fish do not like breathing cloudy water) but the bank slowly disappears. We watched as the impact continued to expand along the bank and into the grass behind the wall. Our planning process for the new wall included consultation with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection and the Maine Coast Heritage Trust (MCHT holds a conservation easement on our natural lands). The final design was produced by landscape architects Inge Daniels and Emma Kelly.  

This work is part of a larger effort to mitigate bank erosion at Little Long Pond. The cedar fence we installed this spring has been successful in keeping dogs off the pond’s banks and directing them to sanctioned ‘water access areas,’ all of which are reinforced with granite and capable of withstanding the impact of visitors. After careful consideration, the Land & Garden Preserve decided that these few improvements were necessary for the continuation of our unique leash-optional policy. 

Everyone can help protect the water and banks of Little Long Pond by following a few simple guidelines: 1) only enter the water at the four designated spots (reinforced with granite); 2) pick up after your dogs; and 3) help spread the word about bank erosion to your friends and other visitors. Our goal is to leave the next generation a pond with better water quality and healthier banks than the one we have now. Thank you in advance for your help and support.  

Tate Bushell, Director of Natural Lands

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