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Holiday wreaths to brighten your winter 

As she has done for the past few winters, Margaret Handville, Woodland Gardener at Thuya Garden, has created beautiful, natural wreaths and placed them at various locations around the Preserve.

There are a couple of wreaths at the Bracy Cove entrance gate at Little Long Pond, one at the Boathouse, and one hanging in place of the sign at the Thuya Garden lower parking lot on Route 3.

Margaret makes her wreaths with material she collects on her hikes around MDI. She starts with a base of balsam, pine, arborvitae, and incense cedar. For texture and color, she adds winterberry, pinecones, reindeer moss, sprigs of false cypress, bayberry, and mussel shells.

All of us at the Preserve wish all of you happy, peaceful, and healthy holidays.

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