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Stories of the Preserve: The history of the Playhouse

The Playhouse, on the grounds of the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Garden, was bequeathed to the Preserve by David Rockefeller Sr. in 2018 along with the garden, the Eyrie Terrace, the Rest House, and the surrounding Barr Hill acreage. The Playhouse has an interesting history, some of which is being shared publicly for the first time by the Preserve. Before coming under the care of the Preserve, the Rockefeller family used the Playhouse for recreation since the 1920s. Last year, Neva Goodwin, David Rockefeller’s daughter and former Preserve board director, captured images of the Playhouse on film. As part of the film, she and her daughter reminisce about their shared experiences in this unique building. The Playhouse and the Rest House are currently not open to the public. The Preserve is planning restorations for both buildings.

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