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Remembering and honoring Roc Caivano

What Roc Caivano meant to the Preserve cannot be expressed in a few, short paragraphs. The challenge of detailing his contributions is daunting at best. What we at the Preserve will hold in our hearts is how Roc made us feel. In his 17 years on our board of directors, he brought his passion, creativity, and curiosity to every meeting, every interaction. We were all swept up in his approach and outlook. Roc kept us focused on not just the work, but the meaningfulness of the work. He made us better stewards of these magnificent landscapes.

During his tenure as a board director, Roc brought his talents to a diverse set of committees, serving on Finance and Planning, Facilities, Governance, Executive, Asticou Azalea Garden, and Thuya Garden.

Always doodling in the margins, Roc sketched Preserve board president Neva Goodwin at a 2015 board meeting.

Roc’s painting of the hut on the Asticou Terraces trail

On July 8, 2021, Roc died at his home on Mount Desert Island. In honor of this unique and amazing individual, the Preserve has established the Roc Caivano Artist-in-Residence Program. Designed to honor the decades of contributions Roc made to the Preserve, the program will incorporate his personal and professional values - the love, respect, and preservation of the natural world; sharing of individual design and artistic perspectives; creative, innovative design; and design integrity. The Preserve will develop this program in the coming year.

Read more about Roc’s full and joyful life.

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